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  • Nyitvatartás: június 1. - december 1.
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  • Beszélt nyelvek: Magyar, Angol

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Marshmallow is located in the vibrant heart of Budapest's 7th district, having everything you want to see within walking distance.
Waking up in a classy loft, having a coffee at the micro-roastery downstairs, walking around in the historical 5th district, followed by a splendid dinner in one of the several Michelin-star restaurants close by, and finally a good night sleep in a king-size bed with a hotel-class mattress... this is our offer!
Check out our reviews, they speak for themselves! :)

A hely
It is a whole flat just under your control :) Including your own bathroom, living space, kitchenette, and sleeping area.
Our brand new apartment got finished in January of 2019. We equipped it with super-fast 240 Mbit/s internet, and a professional wifi router, so working, streaming, downloading, etc. shouldn't be a problem :) We offer a fully equipped kitchen, with plates, utensils, wine glasses, a microwave oven, a fridge and a dual electric stove with all the necessary pans and dishes. You will have your own washing machine as well, so you can wash your clothes if you would like to.
The apartment has an inner floor, with the kitchen, living room, and the bathroom on one floor, and the sleeping area on another. The ceiling is about 3,8 meters high, so both inner floors are fully functional :) The floor is entirely constructed from industrial grade metal, so it is super sturdy, without any noises and squeaks. The same goes for the steps as well, which are wide and easily climbable for everyone. The upper floor houses the sleeping area, which is equipped with a super comfy king-size (180x200cm) bed.
The apartment itself is part of a renovated historical building, situated right in the most buzzing central district of the city, the inner 7th! This location is perfect if you would like to explore the city just by walking, as you have literally everything within walking distance. The hippest bars and restaurants of the city are located right next to the apartment, including the iconic Gozsdu Udvar and the world-famous ruin bar: Szimpla Kert. Craft beer pubs, Michelin star restaurants, new-wave coffee shops, local farm markets, wine bars, Street Food Caravan… you name it! :)

Mit használhatnak a vendégek?
This is a full apartment completely under your control. You don't have to share anything with others. You will have your own keys and no-one else can access the apartment. You will get keys and door entry codes for the main door of the apartment building as well.

Egyéb fontos dolgok
Who are we and what is the FunHouse group?
This is a family-owned business, run by Lilla and Akos (That's us :) ) a young couple working in the IT industry. We travel a lot for work and for pleasure as well, and when we do, we always keep an eye open for new things that we can adopt in our apartments.
If you stay in one of the members of the FunHouse group you will always have the same experience driven by the following core values:
- "Centrally located" - main attractions always in a walking distance, yet not on a busy street to ensure a good night's sleep
- "Life tested" - which means that we spent several weeks in every apartment as a guest of our own, to fine-tune the details, and find out what would satisfy you as a guest
- "Designed by us" - we don't believe in mass-produced living spaces, so all of the apartments are finished and decorated by us, so you will always have the personal touch that makes things... well... real :)
- "A place to rest" - Strictly NO parties in the apartments or in the corridors of the house. The house and the district have a silence decree in place, that forbids any loud music or loud activities within the premises of the building after 10 pm. This is a resting place and not a party apartment, and we take this quite seriously.

We are notoriously doing our best to keep the apartment prices as low as possible, around 50% of the relevant hotel rates. In order to achieve this, we had to select a few areas where we decreased the level of services compared to the traditional 4star hotel service portfolio, yet we are still fully compliant with the relevant Hungarian regulations valid for “Private Accommodations”. Please bear with us, and keep in mind that we do this, so that you can have an affordable price! :)
- We do not change the towels and the bedding daily (unlike hotels). We only provide changes, if your stay is longer than one week. In that case, we provide fresh towels and bedding once per week. Please get in touch with us to find a convenient time slot for this.
- Similarly, we do not provide daily cleaning service either. If your stay is longer then a week than we arrange additional cleanings once per week. Again, please get in touch with us about the timing.
- We do NOT have a physically accessible front desk service, but we do our best to answer all calls and messages ASAP during your stay.
- We do not have air conditioning installed in our apartments. The good news is that all of them are located in historic buildings with VERY thick brick walls which tend to keep the temperatures moderate all through the year. For the extremely hot few weeks in the summer, we provide portable fans for our customers.

About out check-in and check-out times:
- Check-in time: 14:00
- Check-out time: 11:00
- The above includes the checking-in and checking-out of the bags and other travel accessories as well
- In specific cases, we are willing to consider early check-in and late check-out requests for a nominal 10 EUR fee.
- Please note that we first need to agree to your request, and then comes the payment. So simply the fact that you are willing to pay and extra 10 EUR, won't automatically grant you an early check-in or late check-out, we need to approve it first.
- We can only consider requests coming in at least 48 hours prior to the requested event, any request closer to the given event will be automatically denied.

Three of our apartments (Crunchy Bacon, Marshmallow, Fluffy Muffin) are located in the same building with entrance doors only a few meters from each other, so if you are traveling with friends, and would like to be close to each other, do not hesitate to check our other listings as well! We are happy to host you! :)

1072 Budapest, Dob utca 52. (Magyarország)

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Magyar, Angol
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